This is Why You’re Not Getting Your Workouts In…

//This is Why You’re Not Getting Your Workouts In…

This is Why You’re Not Getting Your Workouts In…

One of the biggest reasons I hear from my clients that prevents them from working out is that they don't have enough time. Between our social lives, our careers, taking care of our families, spending time with our significant others, running errands, catching up with the daily tasks of life and catching up on our favorite TV shows- it seems almost impossible to fit a workout in- am I right? Plus, we usually end up spending our evenings scrolling through social media feeds, and going to bed way later than we should. By the time our alarms go off, we're fighting with the  snooze button. The chances of us waking up even 10 minutes earlier to squeeze a workout in is never going to happen. 

But it's not like you have issues committing to things. You're able to show up for your meetings at work, your best friend's bridal shower, your cousin's baby shower, and your weekly date with your couch to catch up on your favorite shows. So why can't you get yourself to commit to getting into the gym? 

When it comes to exercise- we're all aware of the benefits. Regular exercise can increase muscle mass, burn fat, increase your oxygen levels throughout your body, reduce your sugar cravings, increase your resistance to stress, help you get better sleep, and increase your feel-good chemicals in your brain. Plus, studies show exercise can increase our libido, and our overall confidence in our bodies. Is that not something you want to commit to? Of course it is! So, perhaps this is why you're not getting your workouts in though...

Here's the thing- we have no problem committing to things when they're either scheduled (i.e. your annual doctor's appointments) or they're fun (an impromptu girls' night when your college besties are in town). So how can we take that same approach and apply it to our exercise routine? 

As one of my favorite business mentors Marie Forleo likes to say "if it's not scheduled, it's not real". Think about that. The things we are constantly showing up for and committing to are probably laid out in our calendars right? The back to back meetings at work? Put into your calendar. Your best friend's bachelorette party? Blocked off the weekend in your calendar. Lunch date with your Mom? In your calendar. These things become real and happen because you've made a conscious choice to block out your time, and commit to doing them. 

I treat my workouts like I do my social obligations, and I encourage my clients to do that too. Whether you're signing up for a class, or going to the gym on your own, when you take a look at your week ahead it's important to figure out the time you're willing to commit to your workout. It doesn't matter you're a morning person, or a night owl- the time of day is totally up to you. And if you can't commit to a full hour of exercise, this is where my go-to 10 minute workout comes in handy. My 50/50/50: 50 squats, 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups. Saves me on the days when I feel like I  "don't have the time"! Put a reminder in your calendar (personally, mine's always synched up to my phone) so that you can hold yourself accountable to making it happen. 

When it comes to fun, I gotta be honest with you- that's typically a non-negotiable for my workouts. If you're not enjoying your workout, you're much less likely to want to do it again. It's going to feel like a chore. Right? 

Personally, I love to dance. It is the hands down most fun way for me to get a workout in- and half the time it doesn't even feel like one! I love the freedom, I love being able to connect to the music, and connecting on a much deeper level to my movement. It feels right in my body. However, I know that's not the case for everyone. Find a workout that works for YOU. Everyone is different. 

For me, I enjoy fitness activities and classes-where I'm moving around and not stationary in one place (things such as Boxing, cardio dance classes, or even circuit training type classes). You'll likely find me frequenting a Dance Your Ass Off class at JaneDo, or Rumble. However, there are a TON (like literally so many people I surround myself with) who SWEAR by cycling and pilates classes. I'm sure you've heard of the ever-popular Soul Cycle, right? Yep. I've taken the class a couple times and it doesn't matter what celebrity frequents it, or the fact that they have awesome playlists and great instructors, or even if I'm going with a friend. It's just NOT my thing. I don't enjoy it! And I'm not afraid to admit it because for me, I like to go to classes that feel fun for me! 

I encourage you to do the same! Find ways of moving, instructors, class formats, or going with a workout buddy, WHATEVER it is- make sure that it makes committing to exercise more fun 🙂 Then- put it in your calendar and you're on your way to committing to your fitness just like you do brushing your teeth every day- it becomes a non-negotiable.

Cheers to making your fitness routines a fun reality that you look forward to, 



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