This Is How I Reset My Body For Spring

//This Is How I Reset My Body For Spring

This Is How I Reset My Body For Spring

It was a little over a year ago that I was presented a project that changed my life. I was asked to put together a workshop for eating to fuel your brain. It was a topic that was so interesting to me. As a health coach, I was always giving clients tips for ways to eat to have more energy, but yet I still found myself, especially after a harsh, cold winter holed up inside feeling like I was dealing with energy and brain fog issues of my own. 

It was during the research for this project that I stumbled upon the idea of intermittent fasting (IF). A period of not eating, where you gave your body a chance to reset. The thought of it really struck me. I loved to eat so much- I couldn't imagine going a long period of time without doing it. 

However, there was research out there linking IF to reducing the aging cycle of our brains, reducing inflammation (the precursor of deadly disease) increasing antioxidant power, fighting cancer, reducing brain fog, and resetting your gut health. I found my interest peaking. I also found information by a famous neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter that mentioned how he used IF to reset his body and brain for health. For 24 hours each season! It was a cold winter day in February, and let's be honest even though I eat healthy the majority of the time, I am a total snacker. I felt like I was constantly eating, and feeling like I was dragging most days. I decided to give fasting a try. 

Not going to lie, it was a challenge. The first few hours and last few hours of that 24 hour period were the toughest. But, once I got over the initial hump (and stayed hydrated- which is CRUCIAL, as well as resting my body) I found myself feeling rejuvenated. I no longer felt like I "needed" food. My brain fog lifted- I could think and communicate more clearly. I felt any inflammation in my body subside, and even found I had a little more energy than normal. This was awesome! 

I felt it also changed the way I looked at food. For so many of us, food is a means of entertainment- whether it's filling a void emotionally, helping you "destress", filling your boredom, or a ritual you enjoy out with friends and family, food is a huge part of our culture. But how much of what we eat is mindless? How much food do we REALLY need to be consuming to feel great? 

I found myself having a newfound appreciation for food. After my 24 hour reset, I found myself craving healthier foods, and reducing my palate for sugar and starchy crap. I enjoyed my food more mindfully: the colors, the textures, the way it nurtured my body. The tastes. I made a point  to slow down and enjoy every single bit. And I found that I got full off much less. 

I decided to take this technique and combine it with what I teach my clients about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle and offer this as a program to people who may need help jumpstarting their bodies for the new season. If I could feel this good after trying this out, I knew that other people would want to learn about this information too! I even wrote an article on it for the Observer

Of course, 24 hours of fasting is a bit extreme. But most of us are used to eating snacks between every meal. I found that even just going 12 hours (say from dinner to breakfast the next morning) could dramatically change how you felt! After all, it DOES take 4-5 hours to digest a meal. If you keep bogging down your digestive tract with more food, when is it ever going to get a chance to catch a break? No wonder we're walking around bloated, inflamed, foggy and unable to digest life!

I know how hard it can be to stick to maintaining your healthy habits. That's why I created my seasonal detox, offered at the start of each new season. It's the perfect way for you to detox your body AND your mind- because sometimes we can bog ourselves down not just physically, but mentally too! It's a way for you to reset your digestion, your brain health, and your hormones so that you can have optimal energy and feel comfortable and confident in your skin and around food. 

My meal plan is plant-based and void of common food triggers that are lacking nutrients and that can cause overeating (sugars, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, refined carbohydrates), and full of macronutrients (protein, plant-based carbs, and healthy fats) and micronutrients that feed your cells energy, allow your body to function optimally, and for you to recharge and feel your best. 

I am not a fan of spending a ton of time in the kitchen- I believe we all have lives to live, so all of my recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less- and I NEVER sacrifice taste 🙂 

Plus, let's be honest, creating healthy habits can be FREAKING HARD! That's why I offer daily guidance along the way during this program. AND I provide a community support group via Facebook where my clients can encourage each other, ask questions, share WINS, feedback and feel supported through the process. It's so much easier than going at it alone! 

Most of all, I believe in this program for ME, too! I look forward to this program every season as a way to get back to basics and feel my best. And the best part? IT WORKS! It always amazes me how much my clients enjoy this process! Their results are LEGIT! I promise, in just four days you can reset your health on the right path. 

If you're interested in joining me for the next seasonal detox, we start up again on Monday April 2nd! 

Check it out! 

I look forward to detoxing with you! 

xo Jamie



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