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“I have done Jamie’s 3 month Health Coaching program last summer. This is a very structured program that she designs for you to improve your individual life style. Jamie was so helpful when it came to me attaining my goals of weight loss, healthier eating habits, and to have higher energy levels throughout the day. The first week she studied my eating habits and lifestyle, and then she offered little tricks that were so easy to implement. For example, she introduced me to Chia seeds—which I now eat every day! She taught me how to make a “super food” smoothie, something I have breakfast every day for the past year. She also clarified a lot of “myths” that I was living off of—mainly crash dieting tips we see online, or just habits you think might be good but aren’t doing anything for you. I started this program with Jamie really to lose weight, but then when I noticed I was actually HEALTHIER, I stuck by it for 3 months and am still following her secrets! Hiring Jamie will guarantee you a PERSONALIZED health experience from someone who lives and breathes individual well-being. She has completely transformed how I approach food and meal planning. I think the best part of the program (which I saved for last) is that she will teach you how to approach desserts and meal planning in such a simple and beneficial way. Her list of approved desserts is amazing, and it’s not constricting like other health programs. And her 20-minute meals will literally save you a ton of time and money in the kitchen, but you will still be taking care of yourself. Whether you sign up for her 1-month or 3-month program, it will be the best money you spend on yourself. Think about it… 3 months to learn how to take care of your health for the rest of your life. Definitely some of the best money I have ever spent!!!”

Shelly, NYC

“Since working with Jamie, I have experience positive shifts in various aspects of my life. She has taught me that not only does the food you put into your body affect your physical appearance but your mental state as well. Through learning how to cook efficiently & eat better for my individual body, I have lost weight, gained energy and feel great! Having someone who is so eager to help and gain awareness of how your body functions has been one of the greatest parts of working with Jamie. Her willingness to seek out a solution to your frustrations has been extremely insightful, especially when your doctors can’t seem to pin down a cause of your uneasiness. I have dealt with digestive issues my whole life, never learning what actually upset me. By giving Jamie insight into my daily symptoms, she was able to identify my problem: Candida.Through her research and set dietary plan of action, I was able to eliminate at least two thirds of the amount of stomach aches I would get on a weekly basis and shed up to 5+ pounds doing so. I recommend Jamie Forward’s health coaching to anyone who is seeking everlasting results for the mind, body and soul. The way you see yourself is the way others see you and you should always feel 100% AMAZING!”

Marissa, NYC

“My diet isn’t a “diet” anymore.  It is a lifestyle change.  This program has made me more aware of sugar and processed foods.  Throughout the program Jamie helped me make small modifications and suggested substitutions to allow me to wean off of non-nutritious foods (i.e. diet soda, starches, etc.).  I believe the baby step approach has allowed me to stick with the program so well.  Removing the “quick fix” mentality of fad diets and not beating myself up for going off track on occasion has also been helpful.   I don’t obsess over calorie counting, but I am more aware of what I’m eating and how it fuels my body as well as incorporating exercise that I consider fun so I continue to stay active. I’ve lost 13 lbs since the start of the program.  I fit better in my clothes and feel comfortable in my own skin.  I’m able to slowly lose weight while maintaining my on-the-go lifestyle of commuting and traveling.  Lastly, the program has helped me overcome problems with digestion and bloating and I feel great.  I would highly recommend working with Jamie and giving the program a try.” 

Kimberly Z., NYC

“I am incredibly thankful for Jamie Forward’s zumba classes – her classes are changing my body, my life, and the way I approach exercise. Jamie is a brilliant trainer, choreographer, teacher, and dancer. She is a powerful motivator – she will push and empower you to realize your potential. Her classes are hard, and worth it.Before working with Jamie, I was inconsistent in my exercise and prone to skipping workouts. Jamie has taught me that with the right music, moves, and motivation, working out can be extremely rewarding. Quickly after starting her classes, I noticed meaningful improvement in my endurance and stamina. I noticed toning in my arms, abs, and legs, and I’ve lost weight as well.  These results motivate me to keep putting in the work – I can’t wait for her next class. Jamie’s class is as fun as it is challenging, expertly formulated to maximize cardio and toning. Her music selection is high-energy and addictive. Her playlist features songs you won’t hear in other classes. Jamie prioritizes good form and injury prevention. She is extremely perceptive, quick to give corrections, and will help you keep your body healthy. I feel very grateful to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher. Jamie is unbelievable to work with: she has an amazing attitude, inspirational energy, and is very professional and committed. I give Jamie my highest recommendation.”

Isabelle Puckette, Zumba student

“You know how you meet someone and from the minute you set eyes on them and they start talking you instantly feel like you’ve known them forever? And then you see them do what they love to do and you see how special they are? Well, that’s Jamie! She was born to dance and somehow in that hour-long class, you totally feel like you were born to do the same thing. It’s a tremendous feeling! Jamie’s classes aren’t just fun though – they’re an awesome work out too. In fact, I often joke with my sister that we’re going to need oxygen by the end of class. And I guess that’s the measure of a great teacher: when you can reach what you think is your cardio limit and yet you still can’t wait to do it all over again. I wish more teachers were like Jamie – talented, dedicated, involved, inspirational and beautiful on the inside and out. Love my Jamie Forward, oh yes I do!”

Gina Goon, Zumba student

“Jamie’s Zumba classes are the absolute best! Not only is her choreography fantastic, but her energy is completely contagious and her enthusiasm and positivity inspire you to give it your all. I take a variety of dance fitness classes in NYC, and Jamie is without a doubt one of the most motivational instructors out there. Her class is both a ton of fun and an incredible workout. The hour flies by every time!”

Lauren Murphy, Zumba student

“Fitness has always been a tricky thing.  It’s hard for me to stick with something consistently because I get bored pretty easily.  I can thank my sister Gina for introducing me to Zumba.  I have always loved to dance, but never thought that I would be able to make it part of my fitness routine.  Boy, was I wrong!  Jamie’s Zumba classes are super cardio intense.  The energy she brings is infectious, and her passion shines in everything she does. She makes it a point to make you feel comfortable and that it’s a safe, judgement free place to just dance it all out!  You can tell that she is having just as much fun as everyone else in the room! I am thankful that I found Jamie when I did.  Her beauty is outmatched only by her heart and her warmth.  She is simply awesome!”

Cherie Goon, Zumba student

“Jamie is full of positive energy and enthusiasm. She is a wonderful Zumba instructor who makes her students work hard and motivates them to get the most out of the class. Her moves and music selection are a blast. Jamie encourages you to be in the moment, be kind to yourself, and embrace who you are. Thank you Jamie for being you!”

Christalla, Zumba student

“I admit it, I’m a Zumba addict. With that being said, it’s safe to say that I have taken a lot of Zumba classes with many different instructors and Jamie is bar-none the best. She is an incredible dancer and even better motivator for those who attend her classes. She consistently pushes everyone to their max while maintaining an incredibly positive attitude. She helped me to reach my personal fitness goals and even kick-started my training for a triathlon. You’re in good hands with Jamie, whether it be in a dance class or personal training.”

Jessica Milano, Zumba student

“I loved coming to your classes and miss them! They were super high energy and amazing work outs! I always felt high on life after your classes. They were a great adrenaline rush! Also, many times your classes introduced me to songs that I absolutely continue to love and adore like Tus Movimientos and Bailando. And what’s amazing is anytime I hear these songs I still default to your choreography, so I carry part of your classes and spirit with me. You certainly helped me get into wedding shape :)”

Eileen Capel, Zumba student

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