Pay attention to the things that come into your path effortlessly…

//Pay attention to the things that come into your path effortlessly…

Pay attention to the things that come into your path effortlessly…

I don't know about you, but I'm a big believer of being in the right place at the right time. You never know where inspiration will find you. Where a new door will open up a whole new world for you. Where fate may be showing up to give you a sign, and connect you with others on a similar path. So I suggest as you go about life, stay receptive and pay attention to when those opportunities present themselves to you effortlessly.

I also believe it's so important to support causes and local businesses you love. That inspire you to be better and do better. As a coach in the wellness industry, it brings me joy to support small businesses who are out there making a statement and helping connect their customers to healthier, happier lives through personal care products, fitness experiences, and food and beverages of the utmost quality. 

That is why I was SO thrilled when I moved back to Jersey City last year and met Michelle Berckes, the founder of Busy Bee Organics. Michelle founded this company in 2014, providing organic, plant-based nutritionally balanced meals deliver to the residents of Jersey City and Hoboken. A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, she understand first hand the importance of feeding your body quality, nourishing food, and just how healing it could be. Plus, while the food scene is slowly on the rise here in Jersey City, having go-to spots to grab healthy food to go isn't exactly as readily available as it is in NYC. As you could imagine, I was ecstatic to cross her path! 

You see, it was over a little over a year ago fate was effortlessly opening up the door to introduce me to Michelle and her company. Michelle was at the same workshop I was speaking at on how to Eat to Fuel Your Brain (and the project that inspired me to start by Eat2Be Detox Programs) sharing samples of her delicious food. It was in that instant over a chocolate Buffin (yep, protein muffins- and hers out of this world good!) that I knew we were meant to connect. 

I approached Michelle after the workshop, introduced myself. After all, Eat2Be... Busybee?! We were speaking the same language. From the first time we met one on one, an instant friendship was born. It was so refreshing to meet another female entrepreneur in my neighborhood promoting the message of functional nutrition to busy people in this fast-paced society that need it the most. It was so apparent from that first conversation with Michelle that it was about so much more than the business itself for her- she cared deeply about her mission, her clients and she sought to bring the absolute best quality products and experience to everyone who came in contact with her business. I felt her genuine energy and passion from the moment we met. 

At the time, Busy Bee was also offering monthly Beetoxes- a 3 or 5 day reboot for clients to detox their bodies and reset their health with plant-based organic nutrition delivered to their door for the week. And if you're local to Jersey City and haven't tried this yet... do yourself a favor. Michelle's talents in the kitchen are unbeatable- she has the power to infuse unique ingredients, flavors, textures delicious tastes and quality nutrients into meals that are not only good for you, but leave you licking the bowl. For real. 

We knew we were on to something when we shared our services with each other. People are hungry for convenient healthy food, but they also needed accountability. Someone to help coach them through how to take care of their bodies, cope with their stress, build sustainable habits for the long term, and fuel their body so they can live healthy and happy lives while crushing their goals. It was then and there that Michelle and I sought out to offer our first joint program, a 21 day Beetox program to help clients take control of their health, receive organic meal delivery for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and receive three weeks of one on one coaching, deep diving into self-care and personalized nutrition. 

With Michelle's bigger vision to bring together a holistic wellness care program to our participants, she sought out partnerships with local businesses Acuworx acupuncture services, yoga with the incredibly talented Dina Ivas and mindfulness and meditation practice with Jess Ergner. Offering something for the mind, body, and spirit. 

We launched our first program in January, and the results were so much better than I had ever anticipated. Together, our team was providing holistic care to the busy folks of our neighborhood that needed it most- that didn't necessary have the time to prioritize themselves, but were seeking support. And people were seeing results. From weight loss, better sleep, increased energy, and plowing through personal roadblocks with their wellbeing that they hadn't been able to tackle before. It was AWESOME! We established a sense of community where people could come together and support each other. And it is truly such a beautiful, magical thing to be a part of. 

I'm so excited to announce that Michelle and I will be partnering up for another 21 Day Beetox in May (right before the summer officially kicks off). If you're in the Jersey City/Hoboken or NYC area, check it out! We'd love for you to join us! Space is limited, but you can get more information here and sign-up

Have a friend who may find this interesting? Feel free to share it with them, too! Everything's better with the buddy system 🙂 

Above all, I'm feeling grateful for moments like these. And they often come when you make an intention, and take action. Step outside of your comfort zone and DO things that put you on the path in the right direction. And pay attention to what comes your way! Feeling major gratitude for our paths and passion crossing, Busy Bee! 

Cheers to paying attention to signs and opening up doors on your journey!





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