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My Approach
I will help you understand your body & be in control of your health through diet, physical activity and lifestyle changes. Health is so much more than what you eat and how often you exercise.

What you will learn:

  • What foods fuel your body
  • What foods don’t serve your body (i.e. what causes all those headaches, bloating, digestive troubles, acne, food allergies, uneasiness and disease)
  • How to prepare healthy meals in 20 minutes or less
  • Healthy snack options
  • How to manage your time
  • How to do more of what you enjoy
  • How to handle your stress & anxiety levels
  • How to foster a positive, healthy mindset

Your body is brilliant. Your heart never forgets to beat, your lungs never forget to fill up with air, and when we consume food our digestive tract goes to work. Without hesitation.
Your body has the ability to heal itself. When we are in synch with our bodies, we feel & look great. (We digest properly, have clear skin, more energy, and better sleep). When we are out of synch, we feel depleted, stressed, and sick.

Did you know you can Eat2Be:

  • Full of energy?
  • Well-rested?
  • Acne-free?
  • Pleasantly full, and well-nourished (and not pop the top button on your jeans?)
  • Full of nutrients that feed your cells and leave you happy and chipper?
  • A more efficient worker?
  • Less stressed, more calm?
  • Leaner?

And, when you Eat2Be healthy, you also influence the following:

• Creativity • Finances
• Career • Education • Physical Activity
• Home Cooking • Home Life
• Relationships • Social Life
• Joy


  • People empowering themselves to be. To be the best, healthiest and happiest version of themselves right now and in their futures
  • Learning: You can learn something from every experience and every person that presents itself/themselves to you, if you are open to growth
  • The idea that we are all here with good intentions & ambitions
  • The fact that everyone has a story, and people will continue to grow through new experiences
  • The truth that everyone has the potential to be in control of their health; both mentally & physically
  • Getting in synch with your body, your food supply, and learning how they work together with your own intuition to fuel you
  • Confidence, never cockiness
  • Natural beauty
  • The fact that setbacks are temporary
  • Traveling: cultural differences, and that they are beautiful



  • Self expression through creativity & movement
  • Patience, gratitude & kindness
  • Education: Teachers, leaders, believers, thought-provokers, dreamers
  • Taking risks
  • Honesty

Believing in yourself

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