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Health Coach Training

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition changed my life. It taught me every individual’s nutritional needs are different, and should be treated that way. I studied hundreds of different dietary theories, and learned from the world’s top functional medicine practitioners, life coaches, dieticians, and more.

I learned what foods worked for me, and which were energy suckers. I learned about food’s energies and how it affects your body. Most importantly, I discovered foods I ate could help (or hurt) my ability to clear my skin of acne, something that was a source of insecurity my whole life.

Before IIN, I never felt connected to a purpose. I beat myself up mentally. A lot. I would always compare myself, and what I was lacking or all of those “should haves”. I was miserable. I didn’t work out, I ate junk, didn’t sleep. I was defeated.

With IIN, I was forced into self-reflection: Did I practice the love to myself that I gave to my loved ones? Did I treat myself well? How did that affect my health?

I learned to love myself, to say NO sometimes, how to control my stress, how to gain more energy, how to be HAPPY.

I invite you to experience a piece of happiness. Conquer your fears, pursue your dreams, to kick fear aside. Control your mind, push your body, eat real, wholesome food. Learn to cook, to learn to say no, to love YOURSELF. I challenge you.

Cheers to putting your best self forward!

Zumba Training

Dance has served as a creative emotional outlet for me since I can remember. I have been dancing since age 3. I performed in competitions and recitals through high school, continuing in college on dance teams, competition hip hop squads, and even dancing for a season as a Buffalo Bills Cheerleader.

After college, I found Zumba. It was a way for me to continue to dance, create choreography to share with the world and inspire others to be fit. I currently work for Z Club NY as a Zumba Instructor in NYC.

I have been blessed to find a form of movement I love. I believe it is important for you to find a format that works well for you--your body, your schedule, and your interests and skill level. Although I firmly believe everyone can learn to dance 🙂

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