Are You Guilty of Breaking the Promises You Make to Yourself?

We've all done it. New Year's Resolutions: "I'm going to go to the gym every day," "I'm going to lose 20 pounds," "I'm going to eat healthier", "I'm going to stop smoking," etc... We begin with good intentions, promising efforts; then, we fail. We give up. Life gets in the way, too difficult to train [...]

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Do You Thank Your Body For All It Does For You?

Work. Commuting. Shopping. Eating. Sleeping. Partying. Exercising (?) Stressing. Rushing. Cooking. Cleaning. Sound like your life? As a society we are so bombarded with the “urgencies” of everyday life, that we don’t often stop and think about the fact that our bodies show up for us every. Damn. Day.  Without fail. Do you ever stop [...]

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What I Learned From My 30 Day Plank Challenge

I came across the 30 Day Plank Challenge from my friend Irina.  It’s a 30 Day Schedule beginning with a 20 second plank, and increasing over the course of 30 days in increments (with rest days) to eventually tackle a 5 minute plank.  My initial thoughts? “This is INSANE! How will I ever hold a [...]

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Boogie Down: The Important of Finding an Exercise Routine You Love

Exercise. Movement. Cardio. Strength training. Circuit Training. Yoga. Dance. Sweat. Whatever it is that you are doing to keep your body moving, keep it up! And if you’re rather prone to the couch, newsflash: it’s time to start moving! We all know: exercise has amazing effects not only on your physical body, but your mental [...]

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