I Did A Spring Cleanse On My Insides & My Outsides, And It Changed EVERYTHING.

Springtime is officially here in NYC! The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and there is a feeling of new energy in the air. I come out of my hermit shell and am full of creativity and excitement, as if my batteries have been "recharged" for the new season (plus daylight hours are longer, and [...]

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My First Trip to the Float Tank!

One intention I set for myself in the new year was to learn new strategies for relieving stress. Sensory deprivation tanks have been at the top of my "to try" list for almost a year now. Yesterday, I put my words into action and attended my first float session! Totally rocked my world and I want [...]

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What I’ve Learned From My 40 Day Meditation Challenge

I recently embarked on a 40 day meditation challenge. It was truly life-changing for me. Before I share what I learned I think it's important that I share my past, how I became interested in meditation, and how it can help you too! It wasn't long ago that I struggled with anxiety and depression. I [...]

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Be Merry and Bright This Holiday: Remember Your Primary Food

It's the most wonderful, magical time of the year. One that goes hand in hand with the spirit of giving. Some of us get so stressed and bent out of shape that we give away not just presents, but we give away our energy. It is important during this time of year (especially with the [...]

The Number One Thing You Need to Do To Be Successful & Happy

Stressed? Overworked? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Feeling like life is pulling you into a million places with several never ending to-do lists? Let me let you in on a little secret: You will always continue to feel this way unless you make time for the number one thing you need to incorporate into your routine, especially if [...]


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