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Become A Health Coach

Are you passionate about health & wellness? Do you feel inclined to help educate, coach, and support others to take control of their health and happiness? Are you ready to pursue a career you love, and inspire others?

Enrolling at IIN was the best choice I have made for my career and my own happiness. I feel fully connected to my purpose.

The beauty of the IIN program is it can be done from anywhere, and accessed anytime. This program will educate you in over 100 dietary theories, positive psychology, lifestyle coaching and business training from some of the world’s top nutritionists, functional medicine doctors, life coaches, and successful entrepreneurs. It will prepare you how to work with clients in 1 on 1 settings, run group programs, and instruct workshops in settings such as corporate offices, health clubs, physician’s offices, schools, inspire you to create your own wellness products and more.

Are you ready to become part of the IIN Crowd?

Contact me for exclusive scholarship information at Or email any questions you have to Coach Blair at and mention my name 🙂

Cheers to spreading the ripple effect of health & happiness!

Xo Jamie Xo

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