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How to Tackle Your Sugar Cravings

Do you ever feel like you "can't control" yourself around sugar? Maybe cookies are your weakness. Maybe it's ice-cream. Or your mom's pie. Or, if you're like me- it's chocolate. While there are plenty of easily recognizable sources for sugar consumption, there are also less seemingly obvious places that the average American gets sugar from [...]

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Eat2Be Holiday Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  And, if you're anything like me- you may still need to get some presents for your loved ones! Or maybe you're not sure what to tell people when they ask you what you want. Whether big or small, I've got a holiday gift guide that will delight [...]

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Three Delicious, Easy & Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Are you guilty of overindulging at your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast, and leave the table (or can't move from it) feeling like a stuffed turkey? (Insert popping top button of the pants here). I gotta be real- sometimes that's me too.  That's why I like to be the one who adds some guilt-free nutrition to [...]

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Reflections on Year One of Our Marriage

My wedding day was not the best day of my life. Yes- you read that right. I suppose that surprises you. Before you go jumping to conclusions here, let me explain myself. I also suppose that I wasn’t your average bride to be. I didn’t necessarily “dream” of my special day as a young girl. [...]

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How to Maintain Healthy Habits on Vacation Mode

The summer months are officially upon us. That calls for more sunshine, lax workweeks, overindulgences and hot summer nights. Often, our summers are full of travel and adventures. While we can pack all of the best summer outfits, proper sunscreen and books we’ve been meaning to read, we don’t always pack our dedication to our [...]

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