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This Is How I Reset My Body For Spring

It was a little over a year ago that I was presented a project that changed my life. I was asked to put together a workshop for eating to fuel your brain. It was a topic that was so interesting to me. As a health coach, I was always giving clients tips for ways to [...]

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This is Why You’re Not Getting Your Workouts In…

One of the biggest reasons I hear from my clients that prevents them from working out is that they don't have enough time. Between our social lives, our careers, taking care of our families, spending time with our significant others, running errands, catching up with the daily tasks of life and catching up on our [...]

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The #1 Thing That Holds You Back From Making Change

Making changes are HARD.  When I set out to make change, or form a new habit, I like to think of them as "promises"- those seem easier to keep, right? However- do you ever feel like it's so much easier to keep promises to others than it is to ourselves? I sure do! Especially as [...]

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