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Thirsty? Healthy Holiday Cocktail Recipes You Can Splurge On :)

Christmas is HERE! Cue the jingling bells, the presents, the holiday cookies, feasts and the snow- wait what? What's snow? Yep... it's 60-something degrees here in NY, but Christmas is welcome and in full force :) I know personally it's been a HELL of a few busy weeks for me between business and personal to-do's. [...]

Be Merry and Bright This Holiday: Remember Your Primary Food

It's the most wonderful, magical time of the year. One that goes hand in hand with the spirit of giving. Some of us get so stressed and bent out of shape that we give away not just presents, but we give away our energy. It is important during this time of year (especially with the [...]

Eat Your Way Through December Without Guilt.

The holidays are FINALLY here! Along with all of the good things (family, friends, good food, gifts, love) also comes the guilt, stress and frustration associated with over-indulging. Hoping to keep your taste buds and waistline in check this season? I got you. Here are my top tips for navigating through December without guilt, and [...]

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