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Top Tips for Eating at Restaurants: How to Enjoy Without Overdoing It!

Navigating your way through a restaurant menu can seem impossible when you’re trying to be health-conscious. I’ve had many restaurant week dinner dates the past couple weeks. Although the company was wonderful and kept me laughing til my cheeks hurt, it also left me feeling over-stuffed, swollen, and exhausted the next day. It’s not always [...]

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Because we’re ordinary people… we should take it slow. And talk it out.

Communication. I feel it’s very important for all people to be aware of- no matter your age, your situation or whether it’s in a professional or personal setting. Communicating your feelings or point of view isn’t often easy. In today’s “need it now” world, we don’t give enough time to simply talking it out. Do [...]

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Cook Once, Eat for the Week: Put a Little Prep In Your Step

Cooking is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health. I’m sure some of you aren’t big fans of cooking. In fact, I know. The top reasons I hear for people not cooking? [insert whiney voice :) ] “I don’t have enough time” “It’s too expensive” “I don’t know how to [...]

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Boogie Down: The Important of Finding an Exercise Routine You Love

Exercise. Movement. Cardio. Strength training. Circuit Training. Yoga. Dance. Sweat. Whatever it is that you are doing to keep your body moving, keep it up! And if you’re rather prone to the couch, newsflash: it’s time to start moving! We all know: exercise has amazing effects not only on your physical body, but your mental [...]

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12 Grab-N-Go Snacks That Fuel You: Show that Afternoon “Slump” Who’s BOSS

I think we can safely say we’ve all been there: It’s 3:30pm. Your eyes, unblinking, watching the clock and counting the minutes until 5. Your mind fogs, your energy plummets, and you’re exhausted. Or wait, maybe you’re hungry? Yes. That’s it! You reach for some snacks- but what do you choose? Does your food fuel [...]

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