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Are you living for something bigger than you?

When I tried to think of inspiration for this week’s blogpost, I felt stuck. All my mind went to is the war, chaos, and tragedy happening in the world. I feel devastation in my heart for where the world is headed and those who have lost their loved ones, but also grateful. Grateful for the [...]

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My 12 Go-To Habits to Combat Stress

Our “need it now” mentality can take a toll on our health. Working to meet a deadline, overwhelming emails and texts, maintaining relationships, etc...- can build pressure and stress. Until 7 months ago, I was a worrier. Stress affected me easily. That voice in my head got the best of me. The effects were obvious: [...]

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Get Back to Basics This Holiday: UNPLUG YOURSELF FOR AMERICA!

Vacation. What does this word mean to you? In today’s world, we’re all extremely busy, even when we’re being lazy. It’s not often you’ll find a person even napping or watching TV without simultaneously having their phones in their hands. In fact, I often see people freaking out when they are unable to find their [...]

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